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We provide a comprehensive package of basement conversion services including an all in one design and build package to help you build you prefect stress free basement conversion.
Basement coversion is good idea, if you plan to use your basement to accommodate a home gym or swimming pool, you will likely also want to consider installing shower facilities for convenience.

Or, if you want to create a home recording studio, sound proofing will be essential and will need to be considered during the design and build. For a yoga studio, meanwhile, you may well want to consider how to maximise the amount of natural light your basement conversion will be able to access.

Within reason, you can use your basement conversion for pretty much anything you want to. Many people create a basement conversion in London because they simply want more living space or storage for their growing family without having to leave the home they love. Others, however, have a particular project in mind in order to create a dedicated space for a specific activity, hobby or family member.

•  Reinforcment Concrete
•  Form Works
•  Ground Work
•  RC Frame
10 years of experience in providing
a professional and affordable
solution to all your building
and maintenance requirements
•  Basement Construction
•  General Underpinning
•  Structural Steel Work
•  Temporary Work Proping